Tucker’s Birth Story

I have been anxiously waiting to make this post for about 9 months, well 283 days to be exact. This over cooked bundle of joy is my son, so excuse me if I am a hair biased in this post. There is no super exciting tale of riding to the hospital in complete white out conditions or sweating buckets in a desert like heat. It was simple, we showed up at some ridiculous time for our ridiculously early appointment to meet the “little man” (our name for the big guy until we were able to share his name). We were bumped a few hours for more serious situations that arose. We weren’t overly bothered as it reminded us that our baby was doing good and that is why we could be bumped. Most importantly though it allowed me to go get some biscuits and gravy and we all know that is highly important. Back to the story that most people care about, 3 hours and 45 minutes after our scheduled time Tucker Jaxson was pulled from the warm confines known as mommies baby condo and was introduced to my wife and I. The nurse could have waited a few minutes to introduce us to him due to the fact the slime covered purple body of our little boy was very alarming to the woman behind the curtain. Needless to say all worked out well, well that is until night two where he decided to throw an all night eating session into the mix. We are now home and are starting the process of getting our oldest to warm up to having an attention stealing thief in the house.

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Senior Pictures out at the River

My session with this Senior was an a real blast, even if it did take two weeks to complete. Gotta love Cincinnati storms in the spring. Needless to say a down power line and hail didn’t derail our attempt to capture the spirit of this young lady. We started off shooting at International Friendship Park. After some time checking out the large Mirror sculpture and curved concrete benches, and a few weeks, we headed to Smale park. Smale Park is a great place to visit and an even better place to shoot portraits, especially later in the evening. She is active in her HS color guard and plays the cello so we made sure to utilize these props to accent who she is in 2016. I am grateful they allowed me to share in this special moment in their lives and want to wish her the best of luck in her senior year.

Senior Picture Smale Park Cincinnati Ohio

Senior Picture Friendship Park

Senior Picture Smale Park Cincinnati Ohio

Senior Picture Roebling Bridge Cincinnati Ohio

Senior Picture Smale Park Cincinnati Ohio

Senior Picture Smale Park Cincinnati Ohio

Senior Picture Smale Park Cincinnati Ohio